Bookshelf Inspiration

I love books. Love love LOVE books. I own a lot. The thing with me is, I usually won’t read a book from start to finish (unless, of course, it’s an amazing novel) but I have read in every single one of my books. This possession of a lot of books comes with a price, good book shelving! That is something I do not have. I have some built-in shelves in my room, but nothing to write home about. Whilst browsing one of my favorite home decor sites, Home Sweet Home, I came across some A-MAZING shelving. I thought I would share, enjoy!

all images found on Home Sweet Home

Aaaaahh, the site of books is just so refreshing, it’s such a timeless art. I love them.

And I leave you with this little proverb I found…It rings true.


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