Threads v.3 – My Birthday Weekend

yep, that’s right…I had a birthday weekend. And I LOVED it. Birthday weekends are the BEST. When my birthday falls on a weekday, I make it a birthday week…so this year my family got a break since my actual birthday was on a Saturday! I thought I would document what I wore on the three days that my loved ones and I celebrated my birth…


On Friday I wore:

  • Aviators – from NYC last season
  • Flannel – my little sister’s
  • Leggings – no idea, I have so many
  • Boots – thrifted.

Here’s what I did on Friday:

got some shots with my pretty sister Gaby


met up with the Boy for lunch and had some yummy Peruvian chicken

enjoyed some kisses from my favorite little guy

and took some GORGEOUS shots with the fabulous portrait lens the Boy got me


On Saturday I wore:

  • knit cardigan – Rugged Wearhouse
  • lace top – Target
  • jeans – TJ Maxx
  • heels – Chinese Laudry via DSW

Here’s what I did on Saturday:

The Boy, his boys, and his mom all took my out to Breakfast! So fun!

I got these lovely roses at breakfast

He spent about an hour looking for the spot that he wanted to take me to...and we STILL got lost. Silly GPS

We ended up going to see this 80s cover band, it was SO FUN! Not to mention  I had the best reuben that I’ve ever had in my life.


On Sunday I wore:

  • floral top – Target
  • black vest – my friend Rachel’s
  • jeans – TJ Max (they are the ONLY pair that fit me now a days)
  • boots – thrifted.

Here’s what I did on Sunday:

I took my lovable pup pup for a walk

Got to spend some quality time with my little sister

Had my FAVORITE cake, Tres Leches, with my family

See? I've even got it on my mouth in the photo, it's THAT good

I got to see my not-so-little niece, I can't believe how grown up she is!!

My youngest nephew fell in love with Chuy

I got to see my Dad and Stepmother, it had been way too long, it was nice!

Here’s what I did on Sunday night:

Went over to this girl's place to hang with my most lovely girlfriends

we had some very important girl talk while hanging out

had some laughs

and did our nails, it was some amazing girl time!

All in all, this summed up to be a phenomenal birthday. I felt so loved and cherished, and I really had such a FUN time! Thanks for reading about my lovely birthday weekend, I couldn’t have asked for a better one.


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