A Most Lovely Valentine’s Day

This year, I had a fabulous Valentine’s with a fabulous guy. He’s pretty awesome, and does some mega nice things. We decided to keep it simple ( I LOVE simplicity) I made him a yummy breakfast, and he made me a scrumptious dinner. It was very nice indeed.

Here are some peeks from our day…enjoy. (rather image heavy, nothing crazy though)

I made him XOXO french toast, sunny side up eggs, and served him fresh strawberries and coffee in his favorite mug (a Bears fan, none the less). I got major brownie points for this, fo sho.

The thing about us is that we love, and I mean LOVE to eat! We’re always cooking up yummy meals together. He did a phenomenal job on this one, and wouldn’t let me help one bit! The wine was probably the best I’ve ever had, those cheeses were delish, and he did a fantastic job on the steak! It was a scrumptious dinner!

We, of course, had our two spectators, keeping an eye out on any little bits of food that fell to the ground. My cuties!

The card I made him. I’m all about making cards, like, all about it.

It was probably the most lovely Valentine’s Day I’ve ever had.

Here’s to many more love.




2 responses to “A Most Lovely Valentine’s Day

  1. myheartresonateswithaglorioussound

    Thats cute how you did the x’s and o’s. How did you do them 🙂

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