Fashion Friday – 53rd Annual Grammys Edition

So this Friday, I decided to share with you all the lovely fashion from the Grammys on Monday. If you missed the show, or just don’t care enough to watch it (I usually fall into the second category, but decided to catch most of it for kicks) here are some of the best fashion choices of the night. And let’s face it, a whole lotta people just watch it for the fashion, and a handful of the music  choices (again, my categories).

So here are my top pics at some fabulous fashion from the Grammys!

From the frilly purple frock to the eyelet dress, these stars did a fabulous job at dressing themselves right for the Grammys.

photos from Just Jared and

And, completely unrelated to fashion, yet still UNBELIEVABLE amazing… one of my favorite favorite bands one a GRAMMY!

Yep, you guess it. Arcade Fire stole the show with their Grammy and their closing performance. I’m so happy for them!!!



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