Re-Styled Shelf

So for the past month or two I’ve wanted to join in on Elsie and Rachel’s Project Restyle they started this year. I am in love with the idea! So, this is my first (documented) contribution to the Re-Styling movement in the blog world.

I found this little shelf in my basement and new it would be perfect to put on my desk for those little trinkets I like to put on display. As you can see, it wasn’t looking its finest and I wasn’t about to leave it looking like THAT in my room. I figured it was a perfect opportunity to do some decoupage-ing that I’ve been wanting to do for ages. I have this old old old dictionary I got for mere pennies at a thrift store one year. I ripped out several pages of it and covered the entire shelf with it, sealing them with Mod Podge. ¬†Turned out just as nicely as I would have imagined!

I snagged those little birdies at the craft store, 60% off. They were too cute, I had to get them. I’m in love.

EEEEEK! The Boy just walked in with my early Valentine’s Day gift…I love me some roses! I’ll be back later with an outfit post and a peek at my roses.



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