for this edition of Threads, I’m going to share with you an outfit I wore this past week. (please keep in mind, this was BEFORE my room went through a COMPLETE transformation and I purged/organized the mess such as the one you see behind me)

  • cardigan: Target
  • scarf: thrifted
  • pink dress: don’t remember, but I got it really cheap because there’s a tear on the sleeve.
  • leggings: Target I’m sure.
  • boots: fabulous thrift find, only $5. They’re my faves this season:)
  • ring: Forever 21
  • earrings: thrifted

Since my hair has FINALLY grown out, I’ve been able to do some fun things with it. It used to be short, and I mean SHORT!. So short, that I had the same little afro I did when I was 2 years old, or so said my father. Anyways, after that traumatizing event, my hair finally grew out and I’ve been a bit more creative with it. Honestly, for me it’s hard. I have curly hair that I’m comfortable with, I have a set routine that I go through to do my hair, and to try something new really throws it all off. Thankfully, this little side ponytail do that I’ve come up with doesn’t at all mess with my routine and I love it! I’ve also got this thing with my forehead(it’s actually a 6 or 7 head, it’s HUGE) so I always need to have hair kind of covering it. Anyways, I’m loving being able to do more things with my hair, now if I could only choose a color I liked enough to stick with!

Thanks for tuning in for my first edition of Threads, stay tuned for more!



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