Interior inspiration…

I’ve had so little time to share this all with you, and have been holding onto them for weeks! Regardless, I am MAKING time in between classes to share with you all this lovely inspiration I have set aside for your viewing pleasure. That, and I desperately need to clear off some space on my desktop, it’s getting much too crowded! enjoy 🙂

All these interiors found via the lovely site Home Sweet Home


probably THE MOST frustrating thing a designer can hear


the most fabulous bedroom chalkboard ever.
Colorful studios are the best
I NEED that painting.
I need a couch in my room….
killer headboard!
What I wouldn’t do for a lovely loft such as this

At times, I just get so overwhelmed with all that is going on in my hectic life. I make myself stop, even if I don’t have the time, and look at something beautiful. Whether it is artwork, design, a lovely book or my favorite fashion magazine, I must take a break from the monotony that is sometimes my life and engage in something beautiful. From there, I can regroup and move on to do the work that awaits me. Not to mention it inspires me to work even harder so that, when I finish, I can join in the creating of beautiful things. It’s like my therapy, I’m so grateful to have found such an outlet to express myself.


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