New Year, New Goals

As most people do on new years, I have come up with some goals for 2011 and will share most of them with you later. Right now, however, I would like to share one. I want to get back on this blog! I miss the inspiration that blogging brings to my life, and there’s no better time to start up again but the present, so here I am!

My holidays were AMAZING, my sisters and I were together again, and with the whole family, we had the time of our lives. Loved it! Here are some peeks at the fun times we had.

2 of my fabulous sisters and me

The 4 sisters

Lovely Antique Silverware from my great grandparents

we, of course, did some thrifting, and I snagged some lovely finds.

my nieces and nephews, my how they've grown!

I'm a sucker for handmade ornaments

we love group shots!

There’s a little peek into my holidays this year. We had great times with family, shared in yummy foods, had some great laughs, and really were just so grateful to spend time together.

Here’s to 2011, can’t wait to see what fun this year will hold!


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