Some lovelies

Just thought I would drop in and share some fabulous photos that are inspiring me this weekend. I’ve got a bunch of design projects I’m working on and this weekend is going to be chalk FULL of using my imagination, so I need all the inspiration I can get! Enjoy!

Oh, how I love roller skates, I must find a vintage pair!

Although this is like my current studio space (which I'm not too happy about), I do love this photo!

THIS is the studio place I want and NEED!

Have been thinking about new tattoos, and I LOVE this....really.

WHAAAAAAAAATTT?!?! insanity.

This is one for the books, genius!

Whoever came up with this is just so fascinatingly inspirational and creative!

whimsically beautiful

all photos FFFFOUND

Hope you have a phenomenally productive weekend, I will be visiting my father and *hopefully* will be picking up my new workstation…YAY for new work space!

Loooooove ME!


One response to “Some lovelies

  1. LOVELY PICTURE!!!! love those pics 🙂

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    ideku handmade

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