4 goals and some lovelies

So recently I have come to find that a bunch of people are doing 4 goals for this new fall season into the new year and I think it is a fabulous idea! Started by Elsie on A Beautiful Mess this has been a huge hit, so why not jump on the bandwagon! So, here it goes, my 4 goals for the fall season!

1. Start to work out regularly. This is something that I have been wanting to do for a while and have actually started in the last week and a half. Just going running, but I want to incorporate more stomach work…I am just NOT in the shape I want to be in, and I’m much more aware of my health at this time in my life. I know for a fact that if I want to be healthy and look good later on in life, I have got to start now. I’ve always been athletic, and running isn’t too hard for me, it’s just the discipline of doing it regularly that is difficult for me. But hopefully, with me putting this on here, I’ll be more likely to stick with it!

2. Get more blonde put in my hair. I know that fall weather is upon us, but I just love the thought of more blonde chunks in my hair, i love how they look now. Not to mention that it took me SO LONG to to grow out my hair so that I could actually see my natural color! So, that’s what I’m going to do, get more platinum blonde chunks put in my hair.

3. Finish a crocheted afghan. This was actually a goal I made at the beginning of this year, and I’ve made some progress, but have slowed down a bit on it. So, I wanna crank up the speed and finish it!

4. Explore more with photography. This one is pretty self explanatory, I plain just want to take more pictures and share them with the world!

Thanks so much for checking in and reading my 4 goals, you have my permission to reprimand me if you feel that I am not at all keeping up with me goals! YAY! can’t wait to start on these

Heres some lovely inspiration I’ve found and will leave you with tonight, have a gorgeous night loves!

WOW! I wanna make a cake like this, pronto!

I neeeeeed one of these, contemplating putting this on my Christmas list!


what a lovely camper interior

All images on FFFFOUND


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