Interiors, Designs, and Artists v.3

I’m excited to share these gorgeous finds for this weeks post  of lovely interior spaces, inspiring artists, and gorgeous designs. Enjoy loves!

Check out these gorgeous interiors, I’m especially impressed with the shabby-chic nature (my FAVORITE) of these looks and I just adore the boxed shelving in another one of these looks. Check out the Before and After looks I found and stare in amazement as I did at the gorgeous transformations.

Lately I have been loving hand drawn items, whether they are hand drawn inspired prints, fabric patterns, and lovely pieces of canvas arts. Have a peek at these lovelies I’ve found 🙂

P.S. This is one of the things I tell the Boy all the time!

As for my artist feature today, I’m showing off a few of my favorite actresses, the most inspiring ones in my life whose style and talent just motivate me to do so much!

Beloved Audrey Hepburn

Natalie Portman, whom I fell in love with when I saw her in the Garden State, not to mention her relationship with one of my favorites, Devandra Banhart!

Oh Sarah Jessica Parker, how I've loved your role in Sex and the City, not to mention your fabulous style choices.

Drew Barrymore, who by the way is wearing a $20 thrifted dress on the red carpet! A woman after mine own heart. Love it!

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my little feature. Check back soon for a small post featuring my goals that I plan to keep for this coming season! Until then, have a beautiful week!

xoxo Nicoler


One response to “Interiors, Designs, and Artists v.3

  1. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous designs. More works please….

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