Impromptu photo shoot

These are, by far, my favorite kind of photo shoot, and usually how mine go! They are always last minute but turn out to be so much fuuuuuun, I love them! Featured is my gorgeous, beloved friend Jen, with whom I share oh so much in common, some of which are art, all things vintage, and random photo shoots. This girl is just amazing! We were so psyched to have this photo shoot, in my back yard by the way, and only got 5 minutes to shoot all these photos for a GIANT thunderstorm was thrust upon us and in minutes it started to downpour. It was pretty magical! Here’s a sneak peak at our photo shoot, you can check out my Flickr. Hope you enjoy looking at them just as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Thanks so much for keeping up with me and my crazy, somewhat random posts! Love you all!

I’m off to eat some yummy pizza with my favorite girls in the world,

xoxo Nicole


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