Interiors, Designs, and Artists v.2

Here is some lovely inspiration I found this week, in honor of my weekly (or semi weekly) tribute to beautiful interiors, designs and artists work that I have stumbled upon.


For interiors, I found these inspirational images from the amazing site Apartment Therapy

amazing collage of interiors

LOVE this burst of red!

so refreshingly white


on FFFFOUND I came across two sets of design work, artists unknown, and fell in love!

I’m a sucker for Fashion blogs, I just fall in love with all upcoming trends and new ideas! On TrendLand I fell in love with Dolce & Gabbana’s fall look book. I’m not one to oogle over designer brands, nor am I one to help “toot their horns”, but I must say, I am in love with their bright colors and animal prints. Feast your eyes on these fabulous looks by the infamous Dolce & Gabbana pair.

Hope you enjoyed this session of Interiors, Designs, and Artists! Thanks for stopping by and have a lovely lovely evening!



One response to “Interiors, Designs, and Artists v.2

  1. Thanks for uploading these photos. More and more please.

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