A House In Abandon.

I must say, I love to peak into people’s lives, complete strangers! Yes, I’m nosy like that, but I think everyone now a days has a hankerin’ to do that every once in a while, especially with the explosion of Facebook over the past couple of years. This past week, my nosiness took the best of me, and I thoroughly enjoyed it! The Boy and I were headed back from a short little trip to the mountains of West Virginia when I spotted this old abandoned house. I screamed that we just HAD to stop and explore, and the Boy hesitantly agreed. He’s so great at accommodating even my most ridiculous ideas!

So, we pull up to this amazingly eerie house and boy is it a DUMP! I however, fell in love and immediately pulled out my camera. I must have taken over 300 photos! We made our way around the back because the front was impassible (it was not enough for me to get a look at just the outside, I HAD to see what the inside held!) and found the back door was wide opened. It looked as though people had made their way through there before, so the Boy, the night in shining armor that he is, made his way up the back steps first, to ensure they were safe, then led me up to enter the house. I was just fascinated! It was as though we were intruding into someone else’s life, but instead of apologetically backing out, we made out way up the creaky stairs of the basement onto the main level, where treasures awaited! There was just STUFF everywhere, from fabulous vintage chairs and couches, to old curtains, tin cans, vintage floppy disks and slides and SO MANY PHOTOS! It seems as though someone there at one point was a photographer, the amount of photos just laying to ruin was incredible. So, being the thrifter and junk collector that I am, I started to sort through everything. I found a phenomenal box of old photos, bound to be from the 70s, that looked to be the work of a photography student, photographing whatever and whomever he could. I was in HEAVEN! I grabbed the box of photos, and some lovely pyrex plates that I found, and we made our way out after 20 minutes of just shifting through junk. The Boy was finally getting into it when all of the sudden this fear came over me that we were being watched. I couldn’t explain it, but I wanted to get out of there immediately! I kept imagining some homeless person jumping out of somewhere and I was NOT in the mood to be startled! So, we left, with treasures in hand and hundreds of photos I took, realizing that we just did something incredibly stupid and potentially dangerous, but SO MUCH FUN!

Here is a peak at some of the beauty I captured from the ruins, check out my Flickr to see all of the photos I took!


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