Back at it!

I  must say, New York is a one of a kind AMAZING city; every time I go back, I love it even more! However, I am super happy to be back 🙂 Picked up my little Chu Chu from my house, and brought him back to the Boy’s (that’s usually where he stays because the Boy’s yellow lab Bella is Chuy’s bestest friend). I started picking up and just helping the Boy out with some cleaning, then started organizing. Before I knew it, I had taken on the task of emptying out all the bottom cabinets and organizing them (the worst was the tupperware container cabinet!) A few hours later, we are FINALLY done and the cabinets are oh-so-ORGANIZED!  Aaaaaahhhh I love love love opening up the cabinet door and seeing a nice organized space, although a little “organized” mess is sometimes just what the doctor ordered.

Take a look at some lovely organized spaces I’ve found on the Selby, an amazing sight featuring photos of artistic people’s homes. Just lovely and FULL of inspiration!

aaaaaaahhhh….love organization.

Will be back, hopefully tomorrow (but don’t hold your breath!) with photos from my phenomenal NYC trip 🙂

until then loves!

xoxo Nicole.


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