Lovely Interiors, Designs, and Artists

What a gorgeous day that is today. I just love the clouds in the sky, and it’s not hot enough outside to be upsettings, it is just right! Just got back from a lovely lunch with the Boy, he is quite the charmer!

I’ve thought a lot about starting a weekly post on my blog of things that interest me and things that I would want to share with all of you! So I’ve decided, that every week I will share a post featuring some a)lovely interior inspirations b) lovely creations, whether they be handmade crafts, or pieces of art, or works of any sort of design c) show an artist I am admiring at the moment.

So, here it goes! Hope you enjoy as much as I do!

Feast your eyes on these lovely interiors, bound to have you imagining what lovely things you can do with your own space!

wowsa! Look at those colors! I'm in love

From the lovely Mandi over at Here's Lookin' at Me Kid

Now THAT is an amazing stand!

Oh how I love pianos

Oh my! How whimsical of a closet!


I’ve come across some gorgeous print designs that I couldn’t pass up! These are truly inspiring to me this week…

The artist that is really impacting me this week is the one and only Bjork. Not only is her music HA-MAZING, I go gaga over her style choices. She is full of whimsical wonder and I love it.

And that’s it for my first post of inspiring images on interiors, design, and artists. Hope you enjoyed yourself!

All images from FFFFOUND unless otherwise noted.


One response to “Lovely Interiors, Designs, and Artists

  1. Great compilation! I love the cupboards jammed full of pretty dishes. 🙂

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