Near and Dear

Those of you who know me, may know about the past hurt that I’ve had in my life, one of them being the fact that I lost my mother at a very young age to cancer. Well, I have had the very great fortune to a) have had a mother with SUCH amazing style and b) to have been able to inherit a bunch of her jewelry! My older sisters passed some of these treasures up, and I am SO HAPPY I snagged them at the age when I did, before I would have ever even thought to wear things such as these.

Anyway, I thought it would be nice to share with you a few of the jewelry treasures I have of my mothers. I will share some other trinkets i have of hers in other posts in the near future.

Her Rings.

My absolute favorite and most prized possessions of hers. I wear these quite a lot and am just in love with them!

Her Jewelry.

Some of these are what I wear most often. These are mostly her bracelets, but also a necklace, and a fabulous broach. I love love love these pieces, these are treasures that are so dear to me.

Her Beads.

Now, I don’t at all think that my mother was a hippie (at least that’s not what my father tells me) but I do believe that she was into the hippie fashion of her day, and to prove it, I have most, if not all, of her beads. From what I gather, she loved to make a statement with her jewelry, and I got that from her!

Here is the view of my other wall, full of beads. Now there are a few of my own mixed into here, but the majority were hers. The top image to your right, with that green, red, and yellow pendant, is my favorite. Straight from Peru, I always get compliments when I wear it! I’ve worn these for special occasions such as prom, senior pictures, and graduation, and I hope to one day wear some of these for my wedding.

Her Doilies.

Aside from being quite the fashionista, my mother was also rather crafty and creative. She loved to bake and crochet and just create! These are some of her hand made crocheted and embroidered doilies that my little sister just let me have, and I am so excited about them!

Her Handkerchiefs.

I must say, I am pretty proud of my collection of my mothers handkerchiefs. I’m almost positive these aren’t all of them, and that my older sisters have the rest; but as the most sentimental of my four sisters, I figure I will let them have something of my  mothers. Hehe

Well my dears, that is all in the first part of posts dedicated to showing the items I hold dear to my heart. I’m off now to make some yummy ice cream cookies, homemade with Chocolate chip cookies and yummy vanilla ice cream!

I hope you have a lovely rest of this Sunday afternoon…



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