I love holidays…

and this weekend is a super fun holiday! Fourth of July baby, I love love love watching fireworks, and eating freash fruits and veggies, and just hanging out with my amazing family and friends šŸ™‚ Sadly, I will not be with family this year, but I will be camping with my awesome boyfriend and friends this weekend, swimming and the lake and hopefully watching lots and lots of fireworks!

So, in honor of this holiday weekend, here is a post dedicated to our amazing red, white and blue heritage šŸ™‚ Enjoy!

oh.my.goodness! cocunt cake! I think I’m gonna need to get some of this for this weekend, most def.

oh, and this too! holy strawberries and whip cream! This looks delicious! šŸ™‚

Creation is so gorgeous!

this might be the cutest phone EVER, not to mention I LOOOOOOOOOVE French Fries!!

ADORABLE dress šŸ™‚

source: WeHeartIt

And here are some gorgeous summer finds found at the one and only Anthropologie

In other news, I had the priviledge of talking to my amazing, beautiful, oh-so-talented, and really really really good friend Jamie from Julia’s Poppies! Check out her blog if you haven’t, I promise you will be mega impressed! Love you girl!

Welp, I’m off bright and early on a lovely car ride down to Lake Anna, and I still have to pack!

I hope you have a blessed and beautiful Fourth of July weekend loves!


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