I can’t believe it…

Has it really been THIS LONG since I’ve last posted on my beloved blog? Oh how I’ve missed thee…it’s been so long it feels almost odd posting on here. WOW!  So much to catch up on! hmmm…where to begin….

In some exciting big news, I opened an etsy shop! Featuring vintageloida, where I will be selling all things vintage and handmade! I’m so excited to see where this little adventure of mine leads me!! take a peek here!

In other news…I just landed a new job as a graphic designer/marketing coordinator at the university I attend, which is VERY exciting for me. I’m so happy to have gotten a job in the field that my major is in and will be working towards my career!

Some more great news: My little sister moved in with meeee!! Oh I am just so so so excited for my awesome little roomie, she’s just too great. Not to mention she has AWESOME style and is so much fun to be with… I will share some pictures of her fantastically decorated room soon. She also started her new job today, she is still working at ChicFilA like before, just at a new location. I’m so excited for her, she’ such an amazing people person! You’re the best Gabs!

In the months that I have been absent, something else absolutely AWESOME happened to me. I became a mommy!


ok, don’t freak out those of you that know me personally.

My new 4 legged furry child is named Chuy and he is possibly the best little dog EVER! He is the best snuggler, the best cuddler, and the absolute CUTEST little terrier ever. At least, that’s what the vet said he is, he’s kind of a mut…but I love that cuz so am I!!! I just know that when I have my human children I am gonna be camera happy with am, cuz I sure am with my puppy child!

It all happened because my wonderful sister Andrea, who lives in Texas, found little Chuy on the side of the road on New Years Eve. Poor baby was just a little pup and soaking wet, so she took him home. She tried for months to find the owners, but to no avail. So, when the reality set in that she could not handle owning 3 dogs and 2 children, she asked me if i wanted him. I jumped on a plain to Texas and brought this little cutie home! It was actually, a trip to visit my sister, and I got to bring him home too! I loved love loved having the opportunity to visit my gorgeous sister Andrea and to travel with my fabulous little sister Gaby to go see her! We three really did have just too much fun!

my sister and her husband, they are quite the goofy pair 🙂

It was so wonderful to see them again! Wow, how I’ve missed them….I’m keeping my fingers crossed they will be here for Christmas! 🙂


so yes, I love my little Chu Chu Bear, he’s the greatest. And a HUGE perk is that he has a new BFF named Bella, and they get along SO WELL! 🙂

I also have some lovely inspiration for you….I mean, to me….what would a blog post be without inspiration!?!!?

source: LookBook

I am lately obsessed with looking at home decore blog and finding so much inspiration from them! Check out these lovely finds!

wowza….what.a.ROOM! And those book shelves lining the ceiling….I die.

Spoon Collection! This reminds me of the spoon collection my parents had whilst I was growing up. I am determined to start one of my own, and try to locate my parents old collection to give mine a little boost 🙂

Look at that wall of mirrors….so beautiful. Oh to have a collection of mirrors such as this. One day, one day.

sources: The Drifter and the Gypsy and The Selby

Here’s little Chuy givin his mama kisses (i’m not a huge fan of dogs licking my face, but sometimes he sneaks a kiss in and it really is too cute!)

Well, beloved readers…I have had quite a lovely time blogging today, and yes I will be back for more. I cannot BELIEVE I lasted this long without blogging!

Until next time!


One response to “I can’t believe it…

  1. Wow lol so much to catch up on. Don’t feel bad, a lot of us have been slacking on the blogs … lol

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