cute little coffee shop

My day today didn’t turn out exactly as I had planned…I missed my morning class (oopsy), had a not so great meeting with my academic advisor, and when I showed up to work they said there wasn’t really much for me to do and I could go home. That ususally makes me happy, except lately my the funds going into my bank account haven’t been as plentiful as I would like them to be. Sooooooo….getting days off when I don’t want them isn’t exactly all that fun. So…I called the Boy, and he suggested we meet up for some coffee. Just what I needed! YAY! Love drivin’ up to see him and getting to chat over coffee and sweets 🙂 I had my camera with me, and couldn’t help but take advantage of the pretty pretty lighting, so I snapped some shots (not really to his fancy, but he amused me for a while)

pahaha by the last shot he was like OMG…are you DONE???

Love lazy afternoons! Have been working on quite a few design projects that I can’t wait to show you, while I’ve got plenty more vintage, handmade friendly ideas floating around in my head! I can’t wait to see what comes of them!

Back to watching Girls Just Want To Have Fun….best dance movie EVER!

until next time loves!


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