some lovelies….

…during my break.

I have finished writing one of my papers (praise Jesus) and now have one more massive one to go, but I’m completely sick of it and totally needed a break. So I baked some cookies!!! I really have to be in the mood to do this,  but when I am it is SO MUCH FUN. I really enjoy it. They’re from scratch milk chocolate and white chocolate chip cookies, super yummy (and the boy’s favorites)!

In other news, have you been watching the Vancouver Winter Olympics? I’m loving them this year, not sure why. I remember watching the Olympics as a kid and it seems that I enjoy them more and more as I get older.

One of my favorite bloggers ( I have many many favorite blogs but I just love this girl’s style) is Here’s lookin at me kid by Amanda Johnson. She just got a new tattoo of a beautiful floral design on her shoulder. If you read in earlier posts of mine, I have been contemplating getting a floral design on my upper, outer thigh. The design she got is almost exactly like the design I have been imagining for my tattoo. I almost literally fell out of my chair when I saw it!! Here is her beautiful tattoo, so elegant and timeless in black and white:

Some other lovelies found during my lovely break (I need to get back to writing soon. poo.)

This lovely closet that looks a lot like mine, pretty cluttered, colorful, but unfortunately mine is not a walk-in. What I wouldn’t give for a walk-in closet! And I wish this lovely shoe collection was like mine, unfortunately mine isn’t even close. But one day, it will be. source

I will always love glam. always.

three of my favorite things in one photo: tights, ruffles, and the beautiful navy blue.

photos not otherwise noted were found here and here.

Off to do more research, but it has been fun. What a nice break from sometimes monotonous school work. Until next time!

-miss cabanas


One response to “some lovelies….

  1. Thank you, dear! Those cookies look amazing. I have been craving oatmeal chocolate chip myself, but I don’t dare make any. 🙂

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