Dear Snow,
You have trapped me at my Dad’s house, for what was supposed to be just a one night visit…I might be here until Monday. But I am grateful, I was able to spend the day with him on his birthday (today)! A great day full of crafts and photos and Christmas prep. So thank you snow, for making me stay in one place long enough to enjoy time with my special family members that I love oh-so-much!
The day started out with snow…
and more snow!!
My dad started out with a yummy breakfast of
apples and whipped cream
I then began prepping Christmas gifts
(thank goodness I brought my crafts!)
We had dinner than yummy dessert,
my Dad’s favorite…crumb cake!
Padre pulled out his vintage Minolta (pretty sure to show off!)
and I just had to play around with it….I fell in LOVE!
(check out the dope bag he keeps it in!)
oooooooo I want this!
We then proceeded to venture out in this blizzard at 10pm to play in the snow. The three of us (me, dad, and my lil’ sis Gaby) had so much fun…but it was SO COLD, we only lasted 30 mins!
So to my Papi, I love you!! Happy Birthday, hope it was magical!
He’s such a ham!!!
Until next time…see what the snow did?!?!
Got me back to blogging…oh how I’ve missed you!
Will be back soon 🙂

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