send off, room decor, LOVE

I have so much to share!
This past weekend was the send off for my very good friend and fellow fashionable blogger Jamie 🙂
She’s now in the beautiful land down under, and I miss her!
So happy for her though, she is going to have the experience of a lifetime!
Roxy (her roommate) and I took her and her many things to her brothers house in Winchester, where we off-roaded and hung out at the local Walmart like all the cool kids, it was pretty awesome!
Then Sunday, Roxy and I took her to the airport, where many tears were shed.
We were so sad to see our dear friend go, but so excited for her adventures to come!
Thought I would share…

…these vintage ladies! I fell in love with these 1920s beauties the other day.
I had to buy this! It was a bit more than I usually like to spend, but I couldn’t turn them down!
Laying on its side, this picture is as tall as my guitar!
Can’t wait to find a spot to hang this up!
When my dear friend Jamie left, I inherited these baskets.
Finally a place for all my knick knacks!
…my vogue collection 🙂 I just signed up for another year, YAY!
…my cork board.  It’s the collection spot for all of my odd and ends things.
Lists I need to finish, cool stickers, special pictures, good design, WHATEVER!
I love this thing:)
Last but not least….LOVE.
share it and cherish it.
hope you have a fantastic weekend!
oh the feelings of fall, it’s so exciting!
until next time!!

One response to “send off, room decor, LOVE

  1. Ohhh I am so excited I can comment now!!!!Okay so thats the picture you were talking about (that you recently bough) I think its a good purchase 🙂

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