Where has the time gone???

I cannot BELIEVE it’s taken me this long to get back on Pio Pio Pio for another post. It’s quite embarrassing actually. So sorry!
There’s so much to catch up on!

Been working quite faithfully on the Grace and Lace blog I have with my super amazing and talented friend Jamie. She’s just too fab!
Lately I’ve been thinking a lot of redecorating my room.
It’s quite the hodge-podge little living area, which I don’t mind. I’m a fan of found objects that wouldn’t necessarily be found together in most situations, I’m just ready for a change!
check out these images of amazing living spaces from FFFOUND!

Something I have been falling in love with lately is the blog Twigs & Honey and the beautiful hair adornments she makes. Here are some of my favorites:
isn’t she just so talented??!?!

I finally had some much needed sister sister time with
my cute not-so-little sister Gaby 🙂
She’s got the best personality ever, always smiling and bubbly!
She’s enough to brighten up anyone’s day,
and since we don’t live together anymore,
I LOVE every moment with her!
I was thinking earlier of sharing with you a self portrait project I did a semester or two ago.
I know how it is to have to do a self portrait project and
dread doing the “myspace pose” shots. HA.
So take a look at how I interpreted myself for the project.

Now go outside and enjoy the sun! It’s beautiful out 🙂
love love.


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