Earth Angel

Wow, it feels like I haven’t delivered a post of a decent size in quite a long time…
so here it is ๐Ÿ™‚

My last post I said I was feelin’ the need to paint! Well, that need was pushed aside because I could barely keep my eyes open. But last night, I was able to make lots of progress on a painting I have been working on.

This is where I stopped on the painting, so much more to do on it tho!
Updates will follow of course:)

My little cousin Colin is in town from Ohio for the weekend! YAY!
He is just so much fun to hang out with! He sat with me while I painted,
telling me allabout his crazy middle school adventures.
So happy he was able to come!

As stated in earlier posts, I got a new car!
This baby was driven right off the show room floor for me ๐Ÿ™‚
I’m still pretty stoked about my money G3, and so when the odometer hit 123,
I, of course, thought of sharing the moment with you all and snapped a pic ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m now at 200 something, I drive too much!

A friend of mine sent me this picture and on the subject line it read:
“fro boy”
I was intrigued to see what the picture was…It was the biggest head of hair I had ever ever seen on a boy that small!
He had to be like, 10. So cute!

This morning, I wake up to a cloudless sky,
sunny outdoors, and 90 degree weather.
A little humid but beautiful!
Well then I decide to go to Starbucks on my break from work
and I see these crazy ominous black clouds just consuming the bright blue sky.
Before I could say wowsa, it was doing this…..
…pouring, and I mean POURING rain. Did that for about 10 minutes
and it stopped just as fast as it had started.
After the downpour, it felt like I was sitting in a sauna!
Disgustingly humid.
About 2 hours later I’m walking to my car and it is dry as a bone outside;
all the water from the downpour dried up!
An absolutely crazy scene of events, but made for an interesting Friday!

That was my Friday!

I’m off to pick up my baby sister Gaby from work and
bring her to spend the weekendwith me.
YAY! Love my time with her!

Hope your weekend is filled with memorable moments…


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