I feel the need…

….the need to PAINT!

I’ve had this painting sitting in my basement for a while…and I’m itching to finish it!

I was going through my daily scroll of my favorite blogs
and came across some old archives on the Selby.
I love to scroll through the Selby and get ideas
for my home, one day in the future.

I would pay a small fortune to get this stairwell
installed in my place.

My necklaces are hanging like this in my room!!!

this shoe collection…..there’s not much to say.
I mean….LOOK AT IT!!!

one can never have too many polaroids.

I’m a huge fan of random notes in odd places
to help me not forget.

In other news, Jamie and I have started a fashion blog together!
I’m super stoked about it! Fashion is something we both share a
passion for and I’m so happy we get to collaborate on a blog together.
Check us out at Grace & Lace

When I started this blog post I had every intention of making it short
and sweet and moving on the my painting downstairs.
Now I’m not so sure that’s gonna happen.
My eyelids are feeling the pull of gravity and I’m
not sure I can do anything worth while.
I’ll have to see.

Have a blessed night!


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