Friday, I’m in la la la LOVE!!!

So yea, it’s Friday, and I’m in love!

LOVE these 10 images….enjoy!

1. I’m adding this phrase to my “Words to Live By” list.

2. These sketches are just gorgeous
3. Late night bowl of Apple Jacks always hits the spot4. Completely random but I love love love this image.
5. So chic6. I can dig this.7. First Spider Man kiss!8. Dear Santa, I want this bathing suit.9. Hands full of beauty.10. Wowza! I don’t think I can!*images found at FFFFOUND!

I’m a huge fan of street fashion blogs.
Hel Looks is one of my favorites,
so here are some of the best dressers of Helsinki.
Check it!

I’m hanging out with the 2 nieces tonight, Ana and Miriam,

and hanging out with my sister Claudia.
We’re waiting for our sister Gaby to get off work
and come over to join the party!

Some pics of us acting silly
LOVE my girls!!
Ok I’m getting sleepy and Gaby STILL isn’t here!
Hope I won’t be catchin Z’s before she arrives.
Sweet dreams loves!


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