New York Cont.

ok so, I’m back from yummy Chipotle, had a fabtabulous veggie fajita bowl
and some great conversation with the boy, always so great!
So now I’m home and back to writing about my oh-so-memorable trip to NYC 🙂
We bought a day pass and just road the Subway everywhere….it was quite hectic but super convenient

We made our way over to Greenwich (pronounced Grenich for those of us who didn’t know) Village and saw some awesome hacky sackers, a gorgeous fountain, super dope doo woppers, great jazz musicians, and a beautifully romantic park we laid in and took pictures.
It really was picture perfect.
So that was pretty much our day, lots of sight seeing and just great time spent together.
This is all you get to see of him for now, and I’m just in love with this picture.
In other news, my sister posted this oh so fabulous picture of our parents on her Facebook back when they were young and super in love.
I had to share…
ooooo I’m getting sleepy and still have oh so much to do for tomorrow!
Gotta pack for some fun sleepovers the next couple of days and get ready for pool day tomorrow! YAY!
Hope today was a special Saturday.

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