Go West Emily

My favorite song as of yet, ‘Go West Emily’ by Austin Lucas is a tune I am currently in love with.

(this is the ONLY song i know/love by them, so my b if their other stuff sucks)
Ok so, let me start out by offering my sincerest apologies to anyone who cares that it has been TWO MONTHS since I’ve blogged. It’s quite embarrasing actually, but I’m coming back full swing! No worries.
In my absense, I have done some pretty freakin awesome things šŸ™‚ One of them being that I took a day trip with the new boy (hehe) to New York City and it was SO MUCH FUN! Who knew two people could do so much in a ginormous city in one day? It was really fabulous, take a looksee šŸ™‚

Starting out the trip right! 5 am and gotta have the ipod hooked up. We were rockin out the whole way up.
My alias at Starbucks.
Dorothy seemed like a fitting name, due to the color of my dress-see above
This killer bridge we crossed while nearing NYC, oh eff, whats the name again?
YAY for dirty windows! they make pretty cool pics huh? Got some nice shots right after the Lincoln Tunnel and heading throught the city, LOVE NEW YORK!
First things first! We headed for the first bagel shop we could find and got an Everything Bagel with plain schmere (his fave, I had never had)
It was so yummo, but lets just say…Thank God I had some gum šŸ™‚

We checked out the WTC memorial, or what they were working on to make the WTC memorial. Its still coming along.
It was pretty intense walking through there…. I remember exactly where I was when it all happened.Ok, gotta hit the road to meet the boy for Chipotle,
will continue my post about NYC soon soon soon!


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